IFITech Sensor Lights & Bulbs

 Add a sleek modern look and gentle illumination to any living space with these LED sensor lamps. These versatile lamp works well almost anywhere--from

The sensor light offers exceptional convenience for everyday living.

 Automatic On/Off

These lamps comes equipped with a motion sensor for automatic on/off operation--no more searching around for a switch. The lamp automatically turns on when motion is sensed and automatically turns off after a set period of time. These lamps function as the ultimate nightlight, dutifully lighting the way when checking on the baby, heading to the bathroom after dark, or making your way to the kitchen for a late-night snack. The lamp also makes it easier--and safer--to navigate a dark set of stairs, by illuminating the space as needed.

 You have the option of using them in your front door, Leaving it on all the time will not attracts bugs/frogs/etc as the case with your regular lamp. Which would stay on all the time once turned on and attract bugs. These lamps would turns on and off after-dark only when someone moves in or around the place. Making it well lit up for comfortable walking and scaring the miscreants that they can be seen or someone is watching them. Most importantly all this without any alteration to your existing electrical setup