How to Secure and Protect Home Network?

Posted by ifihomes on 12th Sep 2016

How to Secure and Protect Home Network?Every day we hear about a new hack or a new malware campaign hitting thousands of users around the world. Windows & apples regularly keep releasing updates t … read more

IFIhomes in News

Posted by on 7th Sep 2016

Various News Articles get published about IFIHomes across various platforms In our journey as a start up journey in smart & green homes ,we have been active in various social medias, These co … read more

How to setup/Configure a HD IP Camera?

Posted by ifihomes on 25th Jul 2016

How to setup/Configure a IP Camera/ wifi CCTV ?All latest IP cameras work on P2P technologies and come with its own mobile app, lets take the example of FOSCAM cameras they come with two mobile apps F … read more