Boosting hygiene & health safety, saving water with sensor faucets

16th Nov 2020

The pandemic has spurred a growing demand for touchless, sensor-fitted water faucets that ensure the health safety of users. Moreover, with growing incidence of water scarcity in urban areas, and rising household water bills, more people are opting to use sensor-fitted water faucets that save water and help cut down water bills 

In the summer of 2017 when the South African city Cape Town faced the grim prospects of a Zero Day -- a time when all water taps in the city would likely go dry owing to extended drought conditions, Indian media was abuzz with articles referring to similar situations building up in cities like Bengaluru where the groundwater levels had been depleting rapidly. Later, a Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report released by Niti Aayog in 2018 forewarned of severe water scarcity in the country by the year 2030 with water demand growing twice as fast the water supply. The water supply squeeze is being acutely experienced in Indian urban households, both in terms of erratic tapwater supply and rising water bills.

Take the case of Bengaluru where a large number of residential communities depend on tanker water for domestic use piped to the houses from common storage tanks. Households in such communities are getting water bills 2x-5x higher than what it used to be some years ago.

There is a growing realisation among people that every drop of water saved is water generated. Water conservation has thus become a mainstream discussion point. Hence, there is a strong felt need for developing and adopting efficient water management systems, with households taking strident steps in that direction.

It is against this backdrop that Bengaluru-headquartered smart home solutions company IFIHomes introduced a variety of proximity sensor-based water faucets and devices under its IFITech brand that have found a growing band of users.

Taking cognizance of worrying stats that nearly 30% of water requirement per person per day is getting wasted, IFIHomes has strongly positioned its range of smart water solutions with the objective of getting a large number of households to switch to the sensor-based and touchless faucets that also serve the dual purpose of ensuring maximum hygiene in places of use, such as, kitchen, washrooms, etc.

The IFITech Smart Water offerings include:

Automatic Faucet

The easy-to-instal proximity sensor-based tap can be fitted to the kitchen sink and wash basin. With the motion infrared sensor and smart control box, the automatic sink faucet accurately detects your motion in close proximity and turns on and off automatically within 0.1 seconds in the sensing range of 13”. It sets your hands free and reduces dripping. The control box of the sensor faucet allows AC and DC electricity. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and the power can last about 7,000 times use -- lasting nearly 2 year for daily home use.


Touchless Water Faucet

The proximity sensor-based faucet releases water as per requirement and can be auto-adjusted. The touchless faucets also helps prevent cross-contamination and spreading the germ through touching the tap handles.


Touchless Water Faucet

Faucet Water Filtration Systems:

The 6-Layer Faucet Water Filter containing a membrane and 304 stainless steel mesh filter chlorine, rust, dust, sand, heavy metals, bleaching powder, and other harmful impurities.

To follow the steps for installation, Watch: 

Faucet Water Filtration Systems:

Tap Sensor Kit: 

The kit is compatible with all types of water taps, and ensures that the faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure. Placing a sensor on the tap reduces the need to touch it.

Proximity sensor-fitted water faucets are also becoming increasingly used in the common areas of offices, malls, hospitals, and other congregation areas. IFIHomes is zealously encouraging people to use such the smart water faucets and kits from the hygiene and savings perspectives.

Pertinent to note that IFIHomes has been serving its customers for the last 6 years with over 300 products that make homes and offices smart and healthy places. The company has been partnering with innovators and labs across the globe to bring innovations to customers. Notably, IFIHomes acquires one new customer every 4 minutes, and touched a wide cross-section of homes across the country.

IFITech products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry and Paytm Mall. To reach out to a large customer base across all regions and industries, IFIHomes seeks channel & business partners (write to: