Going for vacation? - Must Read Tips for Securing Home

Posted by ifihomes on 13th Sep 2016

Going for vacation? - Must Read Tips for Securing Home

Developed country like U.S have a burglary rate of 1 per every 16 seconds, Think how big it can be in a country like India, where most of these incidents may not be happening also, due to various socio-economic reasons

Home is one of your most valuable possessions, with everything inside. It is a place everyone feels safe and secure.

Few basic best practices related home security goes long way in building secure environment. These tips will safeguard everyone in the family along with home.

Secure Surroundings.Many put best efforts on the house by putting bigger locks, stronger doors and forget to do basic minimum for the surroundings of the house. Any big lock can be broken, any strong door can be opened, provided the thief gets ample time and good hiding spot. Look around you house/layout, there could be potential hiding spots for thieves, who prize the privacy they provide. Try and install few motion sensor lights, try solar sensor lights to reduce wiring costs

Know your neighbours. Meet and engage with people in your lane and house around your apartments (especially in metro cities) and request them to watch out for any suspicious activity when you are not home. Make sure to choose right neighbour to do this task

Avoid advertising new purchases. Thieves may also look at clues provided by your trash or recycling, which may indicate the high cost items lie smartphone or flat-screen TV, or laptop, these are easy to carry out and make quick money at grey markets

Avoid leaving key outside.Thieves generally observer the home for couple of days before taking the big step, Avoid leaving spare keys outside, under a planter or under a welcome mat, as you thieves might have already observed all potential hiding places.

Manage visibility.Make sure you can see who is at your front door without opening it. Avoid placing valuables where they will be visible from the street, if you are installing home alarm then avoid placing where people can see you arming it from the outside.

Moved in new rented home:if you just moved into a new home, it is very necessary and important that you change the locks of your new home because be too sure of who has a spare key to the previous lock that was on the door to your new home. Play safe and change the locks today.

Find right family to give spare key: it is important and necessary that you be careful with whom you give the spare key of your home, give your spare key to is a set of trusted and reliable people. While vacation are fun but prone to incidents, you don’t want come back home and don’t have key to get into home

Protect your outdoor valuables.Burglars some time target easy things lying outside house, while going out for vacations, place any valuables inside like bicycles and other outdoor gear.

Bank Lockers: While you can spend on gadgets and re-enforcing material but making sure valuables like gold, jewellery and important document can be done by having a bank locker, get one with the bank where you have account and also its closer to home so that accessing is easy

Before going on vacation.

Stop your papers and stop milk supply and Laundry man. Arrange for cleaning around the home by maid so that it does let others know people are away from home.

Plan to have wireless IP Camera: Many wireless IP cameras came to market that are relatively easy to install and very affordable prices. Get a camera that has wireless feature, mobile app to watch live video, motion & sound detection alert features. If you get a message alert while on your vacation, you can at least alert the neighbours

Secure Easy Entry Points: While everyone spends a lot of effort in securing front part of the house they forget back doors, windows are equal access points to a house like a front door. Ensure to re-enforce them or place sufficient lighting/alarms there as well

Lighting matters.Outdoor lighting can be the difference between your home being targeted – or not – by thieves. Motion-sensitive fixtures can help add security and provide light when needed. Also consider using automatic timers or a smart light bulb that can be controlled remotely to turn lights on and off in various parts of the house to help make it seem like you are home.

Vacations on Social Media: While everyone loves to post pictures and videos while they are having fun on vacation, it’s also the information that you are spreading across that you are away from home. If you can wait, you can still post them after coming back from vacation as well. 

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