Home Automation -How Relevant to Indian Consumer? & Current Market Maturity

Posted by ifihomes on 11th Apr 2016

Home automation is the use and control of home appliances remotely or automatically.

Some home automation appliances are stand alone and do not communicate, such as a sensor based light switch, while others are part of the internet of things and are networked for remote control and data transfer. Hardware devices can include sensors (like cameras and motion sensors), controllers and communication systems.

Remote control can range from a simple remote control to a smartphone with Bluetooth, to a computer on the other side of the world connected by internet. Home automation systems are available which consist of a suite of products designed to work together. These typically connected through Wi-Fi, which is then accessed with a software application. Popular applications include thermostats, security systems, window blinds, smart lighting, and door locks with video door phones.

What home automation is relevant for a regular Indian Household?

If you search on internet developed world moved way ahead in this segment their markets are talking about self-driven cars that communicate with home appliances. Devices like your washing machine that pre-orders consumables when they see that supplies are running low.

Google’s Nest smart thermostat and the revolution it brought in everyone’s life, are these relevant to India?

Answer is Yes & No…

Thermostats are not relevant to Indian consumers as climate controlled house are not our regular day homes, so it won’t make much impact on India, but there will be many areas apt product that can bring a drastic change in the way we live.

When we are struggling to get an affordable home and a car that really matches international safety standards, we can’t even imagine a regular car that can do smart functions at this point. Lot of progress is needed in current industry as well as consumer idea of a smart car

Second aspect to the home automation segment is market matured in India?

Answer is not yet, we are still in process of figuring out what is relevant for Indian consumer. Consumer’s awareness in this segment is very low both on available product options and also the affordability factors that make this area into a luxury or good to have segment and not an absolute necessity.

Indian consumer market is constantly evolving and many are asking for more connected smart devices, IOT segment is picking up and consumer’s needs are constantly growing in this area.

At ifihomes we looked at all the above opportunities Vs. Market maturity we believe, we are at the right juncture to disrupt the IOT segment devices that not only provide safety and confront to Indian consumer but also disrupting market place and suit the Indian current home automation needs

As always we are in process of learning and ready accept all feedbacks 

If there is a need for better & complex systems for your home, please send us a email at care@ifihomes.com with your requirements, we are more than happy to help you with it

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