How to Create Perfect Passwords - All Google Searches End Here

Posted by ifihomes on 24th May 2018

How to Create Perfect Passwords & Remember All of Them


Digitisation of everything in life has created a new set of challenges for common man, when Bank to Bazar has gone digital, accessing them at your fingertips from anywhere in the world but at the same time remembering user ids & passwords can be a real pain,.

Instead of remembering so many passwords, inadvertently we end up using one or two passwords for all of the sites, this is easy to do, but one breach/hack can lead to access to every site you have created account. Resulting in biggest identity threat

With increased computing power and algorithms, guessing your password is a lot easier. Imparting right knowledge to you to make sure your passwords are secure is the goal of this article

First Things First - What NOT to do – When creating passwords

Change Default passwords:  As per study conducted by Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world, all across the world  majority of households routers are set to default password. Which is the easy access point to any hackers

Crazy Fact – Nearly for two decades US Nuclear Launch Codes were set to 00000000

Using Obvious passwords – There are some pretty bad passwords out there, and yet people continue to use them because they are so easy to remember.

‘Password’, ‘123456’ are classics, ‘FirstName123’ but ‘admin’ or ‘Administrator’ is still used for business purposes way more than you could ever imagine. If you’re serious about your security, stop picking obvious passwords!

Never Tick the Check Box Stay Logged in –Many time we have chosen to tick this box to remove the hassles of entering the passwords every time we login to the site. Be careful when you use public computers in airports/internet cafes/libraries.

One more reason is when you choose too complex password forcing you to choose this option. This makes your information much easier for a hacker to obtain.

Re-Using passwords – Everyone is guilty of this crime, including myself. When website require password to access them you end up having the same password to forget the hassles of mapping site to password.

You need to be smart at doing this if you continue to do so by categorising passwords based on the sensitivity of your data the site contains. All general sites that you have very common knowledge of you can have one single passwords but banks or government websites ensure you have strong individual passwords


 What Next - Thing you need TO Do when choosing Passwords

Create longer passwords – Adding 2-4 numeric values to your existing password can create a big difference, do you know that there are 645 trillion combinations for 8 letter and 3 Quintilian combinations for a 10 letter password. Adding your automobile last 4 digits or your roll number in collage to your password can make it lot stronger

Get creative with numbers and symbols – Start all your password with your chosen one special character and use choose 2-4 new digits at the end (as explained in earlier point) can make the password very strong

Some suggest is to do creative stuff with numbers and symbols. Like an ‘E’ in your password be changed into a ‘3,’ this makes it lot harder to guess. If you do this follow this across all passwords to make it easy to remember.

Using acronyms – Personally we find this difficult to use but one good way is to do random arrangement of letters are much harder to crack. Create acronyms using a sentence that’s easy for you to remember. Ex: I like to always access Gmail using this password (Your password would be ILTAAGUTP)

Still hard to remember all passwords?

Create a copy with a list of all your usernames and passwords (hints to passwords than actual password). You can also store this list on your computer, even better option is to keep it in your email account draft files (don’t forget the password of that email account) that way you can access this file from anywhere in the world and get into the site you wish to.


This is not an exhaustive list of thoughts and ideas, if you have better ideas do share with us

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