How to Save Battery Life in Smart Phones?

Posted by Vivek, ifihomes on 29th Mar 2016

How to Save Battery Life in Smart Phones?

          When you've used your phone or tablet for some time, you will notice the recent apps list grows long. If you think closing these apps running in the background will save your battery life, but it will not. Most of the battery life is consumed by other stuff that happens in the background. In Google's Android & Apple's iOS software, these apps are in a paused state in the device's memory that lets them open quickly. 

If you close each one, you'd be removing it from memory, forcing the app to reload from scratch the next time you open it. This process may actually consume more battery life.

Instead of closing the apps, below options are better way to increase device's battery life:

Turn off/reduce notifications

Open any app that frequently alerts you and disable it, or turn all notifications off.

If you want to disable an app's notifications completely go to-

Settings > Notifications. Then just find the app and turn them off

Reduce Data Usage

Other major consumer of battery is the data usage by application. For many versions of Android, you can go to 

Settings > Data usage and see which apps are the worst data consumers. Remove these app's permission to use background data.

For iOS, Go to Settings > General > Background app refresh, then turn this feature off for all the apps for which you don’t want data refresh.

Controlling notifications & restricting data usage will help recover a little more screen time so you can enjoy even more of your apps.

For apple users there is cool new setting called ‘Low Power Mode’

Use Low Power Mode

Go to Settings > Battery > Enable Low Power Mode this reduces the unwanted usage of battery by application and you can enable disable specific application from restricted use.

Best Option is

There are alternatives like solar phone chargers, which can save you from emergencies 

you don't have to worry about changing settings and later finding out some apps are not working as you changed their setting changes to conserve power. Here is what we can offer you that helps in managing mobiles in ever dynamic fast moving world. Best part is its all green energy!!!

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