How to setup/Configure a HD IP Camera?

Posted by ifihomes on 25th Jul 2016

How to setup/Configure a IP Camera/ wifi CCTV ?

All latest IP cameras work on P2P technologies and come with its own mobile app, lets take the example of FOSCAM cameras they come with two mobile apps FOSCAM Cloud app and FOSCAM Viewer app

Most of the apps take advantages of smart phones and have simple QR code associated with a camera, when you download the app and scan the QR code, app simply connected to the camera. Just simply entering the wifi user id password will let you the camera to show live video from anywhere.

These are the various videos we have that will help you setup Various FOSCAM models

FOSCAM C1 Lite 1MP HD Camera

FOSCAM C1 HD 1MP with night vision camera


FOSCAM R2 HD 2MP PTZ camera 

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