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Posted by ifihomes.com on 7th Sep 2016

Various News Articles get published about IFIHomes across various platforms 

In our journey as a start up journey in smart & green homes ,we have been active in various social medias, These contributions have given birth to tremendous successes and lots of lessons to learn. given exposures to various publishing houses

Here’s a long story short: We believe firmly that our journey has been rewarding. we do get recognised time and again — we thought we could put some of these recognition in one place to share with you . Thanks for taking a look.

IFIHOMES– Enabling Homes and Communities to Live Smartly - October 15th, 2018


IFITech PT2 HD IP Camera featured in Electronics For You Magazine June 2018 Edition

Here are the extracts for the same

IFI PT2 Featured in EFY

Journey So Far... IFIHOMES   - December - 21, 2017  - Click Here

Energy Conservation Day - Infosys Bangalore Campus - December 13-15,2017

Infosys invited us to show case smart home products and solar products at their Head Quarters Bangalore as part of Energy Conservation Day (Dec14)

We are only startup participated as part the event and response was very impressive.

Hackerstreet - August 2017

Just recently we have been given the top 3 honour of home automation startups in India by Hacker street.

Our various range of products that are DIY in nature and help solve customer issues at the same time they are smart to provide service and save energy costs


Feedsopt - June 2017

Our continuous effort to educate the Indian consumer about the need of adopting smarter technologies to solve every day problems through various social media posts and blogs have been recognised by FeedSpot. We have been ranked top 25 home security site/blog & we are the only India company to get this honour in the list of international ranking


Business World - August 2016

This being out first big break in the news world, this is always the one we cherish the most, its our first recognition that too by a very well known publishing house, BWDisrupt from Business World Magazine rated ifihomes.com as the top 3 in most promising startup in India in Home automation/Home security segment.


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