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Staying connected with your kids and parents

The SeTracker range of Connect2Kidz Smartwatches are child-friendly wearable devices that help parents to stay connected with children 24x7 in a caring way

Many parents tend to leave their expensive smartphones in the hands of their children to stay connected with them in the event if they stepping out of home, leaving the children behind, or even in the outdoor space like a mall just so that children are trackable at any given time. While such instances of children having a smartphone in hand may be few and far between, there are several risks attached to such situations. For one, a child may not be able to handle the smartphone properly, and there is the risk of the mobile falling out of hands and getting damaged.

Second, there may be several incoming calls from people who are not known to the child, and that might cause a great deal of confusion to the persons calling in. Besides, there is also the risk of the child also dialling into phone numbers playfully or unknowingly.

Third, in the wake of lockdowns and social distancing enforced through much of year 2020 to contain the raging Covid19 pandemic, children who spent much of their waking hours in the confines of their homes were prone to have inordinately extended smartphone screen time. While one key reason for their increasing smartphone screen time was school attendance through online classes, parenting experts also saw a distinct increase in children’s addictiveness to mobile usage that would ring alarm bells aloud for parents.

As a case in point, UK’s national daily The Guardian in a recent report citing the findings of a Childwise study states that mobile phones have become a fundamental part of life for most young people. “Many admit that they are fearful of being without their phone and more than half sleep with it by their bed.” Simon Leggett, a research director at Childwise, was quoted in the report saying: “The moment a child owns a mobile phone, it can be a challenge to monitor what your child is accessing online because it’s such a private technology that most keep, literally, close to their chest.”

Closer home, a sample survey conducted by physicians at the JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur on 203 children to study the impact of the Covid19 lockdown on child health found that around 65% children had become device addictive and unable to stay away from the device even for half an hour. A Zee report alluding to the survey findings highlights that “children are expressing anger, crying, not listening to parents, showing irritable behaviour when asked to leave the device”.

These findings come as no surprise. After all, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, cognizant of the ill-effects of mobile phone usage on children, had not allowed his children to use mobile phone when they were in high school.

Other hazards that cell phone usage causes to children are their declining attention span for specific activities including studies, exposure to inappropriate content accessible on the Internet, sleep disruption, etc.

When such are the risks attached to children using smartphones, how do parents stay connected with their children when they are away from home – attending school or engaging in extra-curricular activities – or even when they are within the home environment? The solution lies in having the children use a GPS/LBS smartwatch that helps parents stay connected with them anytime, anywhere.

SeTracker, a leading smart solutions brand belonging to IFIHomes, offers a compelling range of smartwatches for kids that is drawing interest from parents. The SeTracker range of Connect2Kidz Smartwatches – likened as a child’s first mobile – are feature-rich, child friendly and enables parent to stay connected with their child 24x7.

The wide range of smart wearable SeTracker Connect2Kidz Smartwatches are feature-rich, having functions, such as:

  • Voice or video chat
  • 2-way call facility
  • SOS call facility
  • A remote monitor and remote camera
  • Digital / dial clock displays
  • An alarm clock
  • A class scheduler
  • A Contact book
  • A Gallery
  • Multi-language setting facility


The SeTracker Connect2Kidz Smartwatches have a range of connectivity features – through Wi-Fi / GPS / LBS -- helping a parent to track his/her child at the exact location at any given time.

Not just that. The parent will be able to check the footprint history of the child, as well as geo-fence the child’s movement and activities. The geo-fence will send alerts to the parent’s mobile device if the child leaves the geo-fenced area.

While the parent could engage in a video chat or a voice call with the child, the child can also send his/her pictures to the parent from the watch. The 1.44" HD screen ensures high quality video experience.

Moreover, the parent could use the remote camera to keep a watch on the child without anybody’s knowledge.

All this is done via an App that can be downloaded for free on the parent’s mobile. The App has a built-in speed sensor as well.

Also, the parent may set up 3 SOS numbers in the watch that the child can connect in an emergency.

Kids wearing similar SeTracker Connect2Kidz Smartwatches have the additional facility of using the ‘Make friends’ mode and chat with one another.

The smartwatch is fitted with a sufficiently powered battery that lasts up to 10 hours even after use of the video call facility.

The watch is sturdy, water and dust resistant, and has a soft wrist band made of silicon material that is comfortable for kids to wear.

Weighing less than 100 grams, the SeTracker Connect2Kidz Smartwatches work with a regular SIM card of any service provider including Jio (only for the 4G model). All that is needed is a SIM card/data plan separately. Insert the SIM card and activate a data / voice plan of choice.

The SeTracker range of Connect2Kidz Smartwatches are also found to be useful for remotely monitoring elderly people, especially those suffering from the Alzheimer disease.

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