Strengthen Your Health Safety With Smart Distancing Gadgets

Posted by IFIHOMES on 17th Apr 2021

IFIHOMES, India’s leading e-shopping destinations for smart, innovative & automation products, offer a range of affordable, durable health safety gadgets that are in high demand across the country in these times of a raging covid-19 pandemic.

The second wave of Covid19 pandemic that is engulfing different parts of India at an unprecedented rate mandates people everywhere to observe extremely stringent health safety measures. It is indeed imperative for people to sanitize any equipment or device before they use it, because scientifically it has found that Covid19 virus spreads through droplets and surface transmission. In such situations, contactless gadgets and devices are becoming increasingly popular among people who are on-the-go.

IFIHomes, that has been partnering innovators and labs across the globe to bring the most innovative products to customers in India and other global markets, created a set of unique Smart Distancing™ product offerings under its IFITech brand just as the dreaded Covid19 pandemic hit India last year. The products either assist in sanitizing products and indoor environments, or are sensor-based that can be operated without the need for any physical handling.

Today, as organizations are exploring ways and means for business continuity in the face of various disruptions caused by the virus spread, IFIHomes’ Smart Distancing™ products are proving to be useful for people to follow health safety measures while attending to their work at the office or business place.

Contactless Gadgets:

Some of the most popular IFITech contactless, motion-sensor gadgets are:

a. IFITech Rechargeable Sensor Water Faucet

b. IFITech Proximity Sensor Water Faucet

c. IFITech Batter-Operated Soap Dispenser

d. IFITech Motion Sensor Bulb

e. IFITech 4 Gang Switch

f.  IFITech UV-C Desk Lamp

g. IFITech Portable UV-C Sterilizer Box

h. IFITech Wall-Mounted Thermometer cum Sanitizer Dispenser:

Times of India has recently featured a detailed article on the IFITech contactless, health safety products.


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