Why Its Time for Schools to Provide Accessible surveillance to Parents

Posted by ifihomes on 15th Sep 2017

Why Its Time for Schools to Provide Accessible surveillance to Parents

Indian schools are very low on security and need of the hour is to provide comprehensive security arrangements due to increasing crime rates

Reports of abuse and recent incident of death are quite dominating the media these days. Other forms of problems a typical child endure at school without much notice of administration and parents is harassment & bullying later cases students suffer over a long period of time as well

One in three kids worried about safety in school: report

Global survey – “Small Voices, Big Dreams” – conducted by international development group, ChildFund Alliance in 41 countries, including developing and developed nations.

Child molestation have come into the picture and it has been found school staff are almost been the culprits in these situations.

School which we consider as the secondary home for students must be the places of secure and safety, where they spend most of their time with teachers and other students.

With frequent news in media, parents are not be sure whether their child(s) is being treated well or not. Onus is now on schools to come with assurance to parents and by setting up process and procedures to ensure children in the school are safe from non-teaching and teaching staffs & fellow students as well

There should be of constant checking of student’s movement especially in & out of the premises along with the surveillance of all common areas and class rooms

Image result for FOSCAM Outdoor IP cameraEvery school must come up safety plans with help of surveillance camera to track of events happening in and around the school. Central security office must be instructed to keep a watch on the live footage, ground staff should always be on call for the canter.

Surveillance plan should also include mechanism to store the video at least for a month for evidences as well late issue report verification

Arrangements in the schools should be improved, considering the latest technological advancements in IP based surveillance products and need to move out old CCTV cameras technologies,

which are primitive, unreliable & inaccessible from outside

In recent surveys many parents including local law enforcement agencies seeking for the demand in the surveillance cameras. Advancement of technology, now access of the live view of cameras in the schools

Time has come for schools to provide complete transparency between the school and parents regarding the security and safety of the children. 

As a Law enforcement departments time for a comprehensive laws to be built to protect children at school including the travelling to school and reaching back home. Stringent punishments to the schools and the people violating the law

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