Why Surveillance in Layouts & Apartment Complexes is crucial?

Posted by ifihomes on 13th Feb 2017

Why Surveillance in Layouts & Apartment Complexes is crucial?

Cost of labourer increasing,whereas electronic devices & storage costs are going down every year

Do you know that salaries of security guards & supervisors have doubled, under minimum wage programme? Ex: Karnataka government has revised the minimum wages for security guards as Rs.10,800/- per month and a supervisor at Rs.12,360/-. Once these come into effect all establishments (Offices, IT Companies, Industries, Residential layouts & Apartment complexes) have to shell out more money to keep security standards at par.

For Large organisations it’s an additional cost that can be easily sunk into operational cost overrun but small establishments and residential layouts it can hit very hard.

30% - 50% cost of operations for residential complexes is with security setup, any changes in the cost really adds up to the annual maintenance cost resulting in individuals in the layout shelling out more money per square feet of land they own. For young layouts with earning population these cost increases will affect but not as bad an old layout with multiple retired residents.

Events/Incidents recorded on disk works better as evidence

No system or guard is perfect and often criminals can move faster than authorities can respond to a location. In addition, people don’t always have the best of memories, so it’s easy for security guards to make mistakes. They might not accurately recall a thief’s description or license plate numbers on a fleeing vehicle, for example.

With security cameras with recording give you valuable finer details correctly to police. It’s much clearer whom police need to track down, improving the chances officers can find those targeting your business.

Improved Coverage areas

No matter how skilled on-site guards are at their work, they simply can’t be in all places at once. While guards are checking doors on your building, there may be someone up to no good in a corner of your lot. On larger lots, criminals will watch the patterns and act when the guard is not in an area of interest to them.

With security cameras throughout your premises, you know that criminals will be seen and all corners of the property are monitored at all times. Prompt action can be taken before there is damage or theft.

Security is 24X7 job, when facility managers work during the day time

Any layout security is not a day job and it is round the clock and all through the year, there is no proper supervision happens during the night when you’re designated facility manager are not available and entire management of layout/complex is relied on security supervisor.

This increased activity can result in lapses in managing the security personals at various points in the layouts. Additional eyes watching the activities in various areas, whose feed comes to supervisors can really help them in managing their tasks as well as other ad-hoc works that come on to their preview

Devices that alert you irrespective of the time

Humans can make mistakes, dark area in the complex/layout can result in security personal not noticing the treats, frequent power outages during night can also result in security laps due to adjusting to changing lighting, whereas security cameras and devices can adapt to changing lighting faster

Most of night duty personnel sleep in theirs posts in wee hours, humans are biologically designed to sleep during the night. Often shortage of staff results in security personal doing multiple shifts or longer hours of work, resulting in fatigue and possible laps in duty. Security devices have IR lights for better night vision and PIR sensors to warn human intrusions which are power dependent and not show such weakness due to fatigue

Disclaimer: Security & surveillance products can only provide you a status (alert, buzzer, video evidence) of the incident but can’t contain/stop the event. You need security personal to intervene and control the damage

Surveillance cameras are always useful, but they will never be a satisfactory replacement for a trained, on-site security officer

We at ifihomes.com understand these concerns and can help organizations, on how to reduce staff cost at the same time keep the safety standards at par.

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