IFITech 22 LED Unique Design Waterproof Motion Sensor Solar Wall Light

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Product Description:

Brightness and Battery Capacity: It has Super-bright LEDs generating 200 lumens of light and Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Unique Curved Design: Patent-new curved shape and front+back light design- 20 white LEDs on the front panel and 2 warm white LEDs on the back side. Great outdoor light for Gardens, Aisle, Patio or Driveway, Public Square, Plaza, Courtyard, Roadway, Pathway, Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Campus etc.

Dual Lighting color: 2 back side LEDs: warm white turn on at night automatically; 20 front LEDs: Pure white (When it detects motion, the light switches to 100% bright; 30 seconds after motion stops light become at warm white light).

Intelligent Energy-saving: Auto on at dusk and switches off at sunrise.

Intelligent PIR Motion Sensor: The light work with motion sensor and motion sensor Sensing range of 3~5m with a 120-degree sensing angle. The Solar Light Charges during day in direct sun-light and runs for over up to 2 nights depending on motion at light.

Easy Installation: IFITech Solar light- IFIS4, no electricity required. Simply mount on the wall with screws provided, no hassle of wires & switches.

Working Time: Charges during day and runs for over 12~18 hours (up to 2 nights depending on motion at light).

The light comes with three intelligent modes.

  1. OFF – During day time.
  2. DIM - During night or gloomy days, when no movement around the light.
  3. BRIGHT - When it detects motion, the light switches to 100% bright; 30~40 seconds after motion stops light become at DIM automatically.

Solar Powered & High Efficiency: Converting solar power into electric energy by absorbing the sunlight for 8 hours during the daytime, when motion is detected with 10 feet, this light will be activated and provide your illumination for security and safety protection in the dark.


Working Time
Over 2 Night
Battery 2200mAH Li-ion battery
LED 20 front of Light and 2 Back of Light
Light Color White/ Warm white 
Solar charging time 7 - 8 hrs (Direct Sun Light)
Motion sensor range 26 feet
Solar panel 1W


What's in the Box:

1 x IFITech 22 LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Light-IFIS4, Screws, User Manual

Comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty 

1 year manufacturer warranty