IFITech · Solar Powered · Aluminum and crystalline Glass · Bollard Pathway Lights - 2 Set

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IFItech High Autonomy Solar Premium Beacon Design Lights in Aluminum and crystalline Glass with All Night Warm White Lighting - Bollard Path Way Lights - 2 Set



  • Premium Designer Lighting - 2 Set Lights give beautiful constant soft white lighting 20 Lumens to enhance your gardens, alleys, paths, residences, with autonomy and recharging capacity outside common even in poor sunshine & in winter


  • High autonomy - latest technology in terms of lighting management which allows to increase its operating time by up to 50%, its high temperature protection which provides better battery life


  • Elegant design and easy to Install - Solar Lighting Bollard is equipped with a 0.6W high efficiency 17% mono-crystalline photo-voltaic panel integrated on the top, Fix or plant lights on concrete, wood, earth, sand - Easy to move according to need- solar lights will charge their batteries to turn on the LEDs automatically at nightfall, independently


  • Intelligent solar lighting lamps, programmed to operate as long as possible with their optimized regulation. Regularly clean the photo-voltaic cell of your solar lights using a non-abrasive wet sponge, clear the snow in winter to optimize and maintain the performance of your autonomous lighting lamps,Solar Design Aluminum Bollards Intelligent LED


  • Waterproof & Warranty - Waterproof IP 65, made with aluminum alloys and crystalline glass decorated. IFITech Garden light is covered under one year warranty 


Product description

Technical Specification
Lot of 2 Units
- Materials: PIc and lamp body in matt black lacquered aluminum, robust and resistant to oxidation.
- Decorative crystal glass with good weather resistance
- Crystalline solar panel 0.6 W, 5.5 v, 17% efficiency, lifespan 10 years
- Led X 4 High quality Epistar, luminous flux 20 lumens, 4500 ° K, 0.2 W soft white for pleasant lighting
- Service life 50,000 hours
- Li-Ion lithium battery, capacity 3.7 v, 800 mAh, high discharge rate
- Intelligent solar lighting:
ASL technology: allows to increase the lighting time by 50%
- TCS technology: Battery protection from high temperatures for a better lifespan
- LED indicator Charge indicator Discharge green-red
- Twilight detector, <10 luxs
- IP 65 waterproof certified - Space
between the lamps to be provided 2M
- Operating temperature -25 ° + 60 °

- Height 530 mm
- Max width: 69.8 mm
- Max depth: 106 mm
- Weight: 1.2 kg
- 1 year warranty 

1 Year Warranty From The Date Purchase Against Any Manufacturing Defects In Material And Workmanship. The Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering With The Mechanism. Warranty Valid Against Producing Original purcahsed order number/invoice copy.