IFITech™ Smoke Detector and Alarm- Suitable for use in house, shop, school, office building, storage areas

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 IFITech™ Smoke Detector and Alarm

Key Features:

·    Independent installation on ceilings with mounting bracket, which is easy to install and do not need special handling.

·        With specially designed cover, can protect it from dust.

·        Built-in dedicated IC: with stable performance and high sensitivity.

·        Can monitor air and detect smoke with optical principles. When it reaches the maximum amount that the chamber can bear, it will alert.

·        LED light flash indicator.

·        Low battery indication.

·        With a test button: can take analog alarm tests of the smoke alarm.

·        Can warn and alert people to stay far away from dangerous field when it detects smoke.

·        Suitable for use in house, shop, school, office building, storage areas, etc.



·        Color: white

·        Material: ABS

·        Power supply: 9V battery [not included]

·        Standby current: ≤10μA

·        Alarm current: ≤15mA

·        Operating voltage: DC9V

·        Alarm indication: red LED flash & sound

·        Loudness: ≤120dB

·       Operating temperature: -10 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade

·       Operating humidity: ≤95%RH [40±2 degrees centigrade]

·       Detecting area: 60 sqm

·       Item size: 3.4 * 10.7cm/ 1.3 * 4.2in [diameter]

·       Item weight: 100g

·       Package size: 10.5 * 10.5 * 4 cm

·       Package weight: 133 g

1 Year Warranty From The Date Purchase Against Any Manufacturing Defects In Material And Workmanship. The Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering With The Mechanism. Warranty Valid Against Producing Original purcahsed order number/invoice copy.