IFITech™ Smoke Detector and Alarm- Suitable for use in house, shop, school, office building, storage areas

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 IFITech™ Smoke Detector and Alarm

Key Features:

·    Independent installation on ceilings with mounting bracket, which is easy to install and do not need special handling.

·        With specially designed cover, can protect it from dust.

·        Built-in dedicated IC: with stable performance and high sensitivity.

·        Can monitor air and detect smoke with optical principles. When it reaches the maximum amount that the chamber can bear, it will alert.

·        LED light flash indicator.

·        Low battery indication.

·        With a test button: can take analog alarm tests of the smoke alarm.

·        Can warn and alert people to stay far away from dangerous field when it detects smoke.

·        Suitable for use in house, shop, school, office building, storage areas, etc.



·        Color: white

·        Material: ABS

·        Power supply: 9V battery [not included]

·        Standby current: ≤10μA

·        Alarm current: ≤15mA

·        Operating voltage: DC9V

·        Alarm indication: red LED flash & sound

·        Loudness: ≤120dB

·       Operating temperature: -10 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade

·       Operating humidity: ≤95%RH [40±2 degrees centigrade]

·       Detecting area: 60 sqm

·       Item size: 3.4 * 10.7cm/ 1.3 * 4.2in [diameter]

·       Item weight: 100g

·       Package size: 10.5 * 10.5 * 4 cm

·       Package weight: 133 g

1 year manufacturer warranty