IFITech · Touch-Less · Rechargeable · Water Saving - Sensor Faucet

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IFITech Touch-Less Sensor Faucet - Infrared Automatic Dual Sensor for Water Saving Auto Faucet for Kitchen Tap - Rechargeable


Infrared sensor operated - Sensor range auto-adjust ,You can adjust sensor range as per your require
Avoid the second infection - Prevents cross-contamination and spreading the germ through touching the tap handles.
water saving product - Along with saving water when the tap is not in use, Very useful product uses assisted technology solution for children/ people with disability.
Flow and leave it on - This device will do the rest; Override on/off switch lets you turn on or off manual
Easy to install and use - Simply run your hands under the faucet and the water comes on automatically Water will stay on until you move from the sensor; Fits most faucets Does not fit rectangular faucets, short spouts, pull out faucets, shower heads


Induction Distance - 30mm – 120mm
Ambient temperature - 0 – 55°C
Diameter of connector to spout - 22mm or 24mm male or female thread
Materials - Chrome-plated ABS plastic shell
Function - Hand free and option of sustainable provision of water with press of a button

How to Use:
a) When the faucet is installed correctly, it could be adjusted the inducing distance automatically according to the surroundings like light,
reflex material and temperature. When put your hands or other objects under the inducting zone, the faucet will induct automatically and turn the water on;
the faucet will turn the water off, when hand is removed. If the hand is held more than 1 minute in the inducting zone, the faucet will
send the signal to turn off water and then read just the inducing distance.
b)For Continuous water Flow, If you need to use water continually, touch the on button, then move your hands away, the water will be continued
for more than one minute. If touch the button again, then water will stop automatically.



1 Year Warranty From The Date Purchase Against Any Manufacturing Defects In Material And Workmanship. The Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering With The Mechanism. Warranty Valid Against Producing Original purcahsed order number/invoice copy.