Idea Behind Offer
All Products at ifihomes are sold predominantly in the e-Commerce segments and they all revolve around providing smarter living options for Indian consumer.
We believe best way to propagate the idea behind these products is to create a community of existing customer is by getting customers testimonials and any amount of marketing doesn't match that
As a startup we believe in bringing right products for Indian consumer at very cost efficient rates at the same time, we don't believe huge amounts of money in marketing gives results - look at the recent startups that failed in spite of having Bollywood stars endorsing them
We rather provide additional discount to our current customers and build a community of smart home and green power generation enthusiasts 
Eligibility -
All Purchases of IFITech & FOSCAM Product ordered after 20th December 2017 are eligible -
Your purchases can be on ifihomes,, Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, PayTm, FirstCry
How the Credits are disbursed?
Get 10% of Order value to be given as ifihomes store credit upon providing product & Seller review at purchase site along with installed product pictures
     - In case purchase site, do not offer review option - post your review here along with that upload installed product pictures. Like & follow ifihomes' Facebook & Twitter pages
     - Store Credit only gets added post return policy expiry
How to get additional 40% store credit?
1.  Provide a video review of your product usage & configuration in YouTube, tag your review and to ifihomes social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - Get additional 20% of order value store account - At the end of 2 Months from the order date
2 . Write the product review blog (your own/IOT industry affiliated sites) with links to ifihomes website - At the end of three months get additional 10% of order value as store credit
3. Provide answers to all follow customer's Q&A of our product on Amazon - get additional 10% of order value By End of 6 month
What orders/Who are not eligible
- Purchases from our re-sellers are not eligible for this offer
- Free bees sent out as samples
- All orders values less 1000/-
- All Orders with prior discount availed
- All Order purchased from cashback/reward money
*IFIHomes reserves complete rights to provide store credits

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