Video Recorders

What you need to consider when choosing a security surveillance NVR?

Network Video Recorders (NVR) come in various different models and types. Understanding what to look for is important and even more important is understanding what you need

Camera Channels - NVRs come in various sizes, typically these systems in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel. Having 8 channels in NVR will allows to connect 8 cameras on for viewing and recording, Most people tend to go with this, even with 5 cameras to start, a 8ch NVR will allows it to have a growing room.

A network video recorder (NVR) records IP cameras that are transmitted via a WiFi or network cable. These cameras connect to an NVR wireless in some cases directly to NVR itself. In essence NVRs removes the hassles of complex wiring

Ease of use -
NVRs tend to be slightly more complex because the IP cameras themselves having networking capabilities, so it might require technical assistance to program on to NVR. Not so network savvy call our support to get complete setup configured.
Latest NVR Kits come with pre-configured IP cameras, just plug them to power and NVR automatically connects and starts recording

What you need to consider when choosing a security surveillance NVR?

Cost - Traditional CCTV cameras are outdated technology and no more feature improvements would be coming in them, they come at very low cost compared to HD IP Cameras but the cost of wiring is hidden when the quotations flow in. Wiring cost will dictate what you need and what you can use, Capital costs are high and risk of choosing the wrong Security Camera Systems can lead to following future issue

Setting up of FOSCAM 9 Channel NVR [Video]


Setting up of IFITech 8 Channel NVR [Video]