Smart Home Solutions


               Home Automation with IFITech

  At IFIHomes we offer range of automation solutions for homes and SME that enable them to have safe and secure premises with complete control with range of product that deter intruder to provide complete details of the events at any location with the help of alerts and videos transmitted via internet to smart phone app

We are focused on making life simpler, smarter with thoughtful solutions for homes, Our  range of smart home & smart energy products that switch on when needed, use solar power for outdoor product and provide sense of security in and around home. Stay connected iwth home and family from anywhere on earth with help IOT

IFITech Home automation systems are available which consist of a suite of products designed to work together. These typically connected through Wi-Fi, which is then accessed with a software application. Popular applications include universal remotes, smart switches, IP Camera security systems, Alexa enabled lighting, and Smart video door phones, connected security alarms.


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